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On 8th July 2012 was a red letter day in the history of the Mother Teresa Parish, South Extension. It marked the inception of Catechism department under the care and leadership of Rev. Fr. Stephen Palatty, the first Parish Priest. Initial struggles were innumerable. We salute the generosity of Agnel community, especially Fr. J. A. Carvalho, the Principal of Fr. Agnel School, who provided us facilities of the school for 173 students (Class 1 to 10) of our parish. We have a team of 12 dedicated teachers united with Mr. C.V. Thomas, the Headmaster, Ms. Akhila Mathew, Secretary and accompanied by two Jesuit scholastics, Shin Kallungal and Linto Kanichai offer their service to nourish the spiritual development of our children.

Catechism class begins at 8.00 am with students’ assembly ends at 9.30 am. Normally, a particular class takes lead for prayer and pledge, which will be followed by the election of the ‘Sunday Star’ of the day. The same class take lead for children mass and other liturgy. Participation of every member of the class is the special feature and it gives opportunity to everyone. A special theme will be discussed before the children mass to enhance the knowledge of the children as well as adults.